Frequently Asked Questions

Please use your username to login to the CALJessamine web site.

From your blog page, or any that you would like to share, click the "Share" button at the top of the screen and select the social media site that you would like to share on.

Yes, We index the site hourly to check for new content. Your postings will be included during the next run.

To be included on the Members page you must have uploaded a picture for your profile.

We do not share your emaill address. The only way that anyone can get in contact with you is using your personal contact form that is on your profile page unless you explicitly put your address on any of your pages.

We recommend against putting your email address on any of the pages and create a link to your contact form so that you will be more protected from spammers.

We also recommend that your username that is displayed on your profile and postings be either a nickname or your actual name, and not your email address.

Yes, there is a "Save as draft" button at the bottom of the page next to the "Publish" button when you are editing your blog entry.

When you come back later, you will find your blog entry by clicking "Edit Content" in the "Member Navigation" section.

Once a new account is created on the caljessamine web site, an administrator will set your account up to allow for Blog Posting. This is normally a fairly quick process.

We do this to prevent accounts from being created with access to our member contact forms so that our site experience is a good one for all.

On any page in the login section, click "Request New Password". An email will be sent to the email address assoiciated with your account with instructions to reset your password.