Old Walls in Florence

Old Florence Walls

     For many years, I had the opportunity to spend a great deal of time in the Umbria region of Italy. This region is next door to Tuscany, home of Florence (Firenze in Italian) the "City of Art".  I spent hours just wandering the streets of Florence doing one of my favorite things--looking at the old walls where advertising posters have been placed one atop another for decades, if not longer.  I am, at heart, a mixed media artist and I am most interested in using different materials and techniques to create an emotion, idea, place or thing in a non-representational form.
    Three years ago, when I was in Italy, I made my customary trip to Florence.  When I came home, I experimented with image transfer techniques, acrylic paint and ink to try to reproduce the old walls I had seen.  In Florence, as in many other Italian cities, the posters are layered one atop the last, side by side, along the brick or stucco wall.  Weather and time take their toll and I find the older walls, the ones no longer used, the most interesting.
     I ended up with three pieces in this series, relatively small on 140 lb watercolor paper.  The wall had, at one time, been painted terre cotte  so I used that as the primary color.  The image transfers were of old Italian magazines and did not come off very well, which turned out to be a look I liked.  The incomplete transfers looked like the advertising posters look after they have been layered and layered and then just left to the weather.