Meet Our Artists--Lori Lipscomb

Lori Lipscomb is one of the talented artist members of the Creative Art League's Visual Artists Association.  Lori graduated in 1992 from the University of Cincinnati College of Design, Art Architecture and Planning with a Bachelor's degree in Art Education.  Her area of concentration was in ceramics with a special interest in ceramic sculpture.  This interest in ceramic sculpture has led Lori to work primarily with organic forms, taking her cues and inspirations from the natural world.  Once Lori began working with the clay, without any preconceived ideas, letting the shapes that began to take shape guide her, she found the process liberating and intuitive.  This process also allows her to keep her mind open to new ideas as she works.  For the past three years, Lori has been concentrating on drawing.  Her initial intention was to improve her drawing skills and the observational requirements involved in drawing from life as a way of improving her ceramic art.  Since college, Lori had done little drawing.  She did not expected to become infatuated with it, as she had never been particularly attracted to drawing before.  But infatuated she did become.  She began with black and white charcoal drawings and has most recently been working with colored chalk pastels.  Lori enjoys the flexibility that this medium gives her and she can vary the amount of texture and detail as she desires in each piece.  Most recently, Lori has begun working in oil.  She plans on continuing this experience with different media and techniques and to work on multiple pieces at a time.  Lori says, "To grow as an artist, I believe it is very valuable to push yourself and experiment."  Lori can be contacted at 859-559-8550 and by visiting her facebook page at